Subaru Fork Cracking

Subaru Fork Cracking


Relates to: Subaru Kit No. R1911N/ R1911NHD / R2133N / R2133NHD/ MSX-1911-BX / MSX-2133-BX.

Background: In installations of these applications Non Release has been an area of concern.

It is common on these vehicles that the cast clutch fork suffers heavy wear where it contacts the release bearing resulting in Non-Release even when the clutch slave cylinder is at full movement the clutch may not release.

To achieve the best result when carrying out the installation and to ensure full release is achieved, we recommend to check the fork for signs of heavy wear and replace the fork if required.

This is an actuation fault rather than a clutch Kit fault. To ensure correct function of the clutch kit we recommend the following.

Solution: Always check the Fork And if required replace it to ensure correct function of the Clutch.