Mantic Clutch Range: Stages, Single Plate

Performance Clutch Kit
The trademarked ERGroove Design, which is a distinctive pattern CNC machined on the friction face of the pressure plate, is featured on Mantic Stage 1 and Stage 2 clutch kit cover assemblies.  This groove was created particularly to improve the pressure place’s Mean Effective Radius and aid in heat dissipation. The increase in the Mean Effective Radius of the cover assembly provides a substantial increase in the torque capacity.
This clutch kit was created with the street performance market in mind. The pressure plate of the high torque capacity cover assembly is made of Spheroidal Graphite casting material, which has a yield strength 300 percent greater than standard castings. Heat dispersion is also improved by the microstructure of the material. The Mantic Stage 1 also includes our patented ER² groove design, which is CNC machined on the friction face of the pressure plate. A standard clutch kit cannot transmit as much torque as our Stage 1 clutch system. Higher clamp loads, an increased Mean Effective Radius courtesy of the ER² designed pressure plate, enhanced heat displacement, and the use of a high coefficient of friction organic material on the clutch disc have all contributed to the increased total torque capacity. The clutch disc features organic facing material of both sides of the clutch disc making the stage one clutch system the most driver friendly option in our range.
Unique organic and cerametallic friction components work together to improve torque capacity while preserving outstanding driveability. As a result, the torque capacity is larger than a stage 1 kit, and the drivability is better than a stage 3 kit. A high torque capacity cover assembly, as well as a Spheroidal Graphite (SG Iron) casting with ER², are included in the stage 2 package. Technology that provides maximum strength and torque capabilities. On the ER² pressure plate side of the clutch disc, there is organic friction material, and on the flywheel side, there is cerametallic friction material.
It’s designed for daily performance street/track use when more torque is necessary, but it can also be utilized for everyday driving. The Stage 3 kit includes a high torque capacity cover assembly with an SG iron burst resistant pressure plate, as well as a sprung center and cushioned cerametallic clutch disc for those seeking optimal street performance and occasional track use.
This clutch is ideal for non-street application, as it can bear higher torque than the stage 1, 2, or 3 clutches. A high torque capacity cover assembly with an SG iron burst-proof pressure plate and a sprung, not cushioned full cerametallic Clutch Disc decreases drivability but provides quick engagement and high torque capacity.
The Stage 5 clutch, our most aggressive single disc application, is intended specifically for track and motorsport applications. The stage 5 kit includes a high torque capacity cover assembly with an SG iron burst-proof pressure plate, as well as a rigid hub and undamaged Cerametallic Clutch Disc.