Automatic Transmission Versus Manual Transmission

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In 1980s, automatic transmissions became the most common choice in the US, however, in the UK and Europe this preference change from manual to autos has only just occurred, in 2020 55% of new cars are sold in automatic. 
In recent times, real-performance cars are expected to have a manual transmission. Some performance cars are only built with a manual transmission, no automatic version at all. However we are living in the times of clutch pedals are being substituted with paddle shifters usually bolted to the steering wheel, paired with a set of electronics that interface between the driver and the transmission. The main reason why manual transmissions are still in production is due to popular demand, true driving purists demand a manual transmission.
This being said vehicles manufactured with automatic transmissions are not as convoluted to drive. Consequently, in some countries and states, drivers who got the license for automatics, are not allowed to drive with manuals. However, drivers who got a license to drive a manual transmission are also allowed to drive both automatics and manual vehicles.
 Anyone can drive automatics nowadays. but driving manuals is by choice, and not anyone can do it right away. It requires some skills and proper shift timing. In a manual transmission, you determine when to shift the gears. Computers are not better than the human brain in driving and proper shifting. In automatics, sometimes it does the opposite, putting itself into upshift and downshift even if it’s not necessary. When you need a higher RPM than normal, you can downshift all you want in manual transmission ensuring you’re in the optimal gear for whats coming up.

It is also relatively easier to make modifications with manual transmission compared to automatics. You don’t have to deal with complex transmission computers and generally, a clutch upgrade is the only thing required.

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