MSX-2943-BX: 86/BRZ Mantic Stage Clutch & Replacement Flywheel SRF1030


       MSX-2943-BX                              STAGES SINGLE PLATE









2.0 Ltr


147kW, ZC6, 6 Speed




2.0 Ltr


147kW, GT, 6 Speed




2.0 Ltr


147kW, GTS, 6 Speed



The Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ are nearly identical cars, as the two Japanese automakers collaborated on development after Toyota bought a 10% stake in Subaru’s parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries. Essentially, Subaru builds the boxer (flat-four) engine, while Toyota builds the rest of the car (body, interior, etc.).

The front bumper is the only real difference between these two. The 86 has a more open-mouthed appearance than the BRZ, which has a more angled front bumper with a prominent black plastic bar across the front opening. As a result, the mechanical layouts of the 86 and BRZ are identical; both are powered by a 2.0-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder that produces 152kW at 7000rpm and 212Nm between 6400 and 6800rpm when equipped with the standard six-speed manual transmission.

Generally, the only improvement that most BRZ/86 drivers would like to have is more some power baby! Therefore it’s not unusual to see engine modifications to deliver higher power and torque. When any engine modifications are done upgrading the clutch is essential. Mantic Engineering has a range of performance clutch kits as well as a replacement flywheel to speed up the installation job.

When a new clutch kit is installed the flywheel must be either replaced or ground. This is because excessive heat from normal driving changes the structure of your flywheel surface which creates less friction affecting the performance of your clutch. If this is not done common issues experienced are shudder and or slipping after installing the new clutch kit.

Why grind when you can replace?

There are three main technical reasons to replace a conventional flywheel instead of grinding it.

  1. Issues caused by a bad grind. There are various issues that can come out of a poor grind, these include;  (a) Flywheel surface being too smooth which can cause shutter or slipping. (b) Incorrect flywheel step or recess ground; in the case where a flywheel is not flat the recess or step must be maintained. Failure to do this can cause engagement or disengagement issues.
  2. Risk of catastrophic failure; in situations where the flywheel is placed under extreme heat damage can occur to the steel microstructure weakening the flywheel which can lead to cracking or destruction of the flywheel.
  3. Decreasing the overall stack height. Modern actuation systems have limited bearing height adjustment so after 2-3 grinds the overall stack height of the clutch system can be reduced enough to cause disengagement issues.

Clutch Plate Dimensions:  225mm x 24T x 25.2mm

What are the benefits of an upgraded clutch?

Mantic Clutches are preferred by the most discerning professionals due to precise engineering and strict manufacturing tolerances. For torque capacity increase, Mantic is the best choice for your next performance clutch upgrade. We design, engineer, and test all race clutches in our aftermarket range, building them from the ground up to deal with the harshest road and competition conditions.

The Mantic Stages Clutch System comes in a variety of configurations:
  • Stage 1 – This kit is developed primarily for the street performance niche, with more torque capability and better heat dispersion than the OE. The organic clutch disc has a high torque capacity cover, SG Iron ER2 grooved pressure plate, and SG Iron ER2 grooved pressure plate.
  • Stage 2 – A combination of organic and cerametallic friction components boost torque capacity while maintaining excellent driveability. As a result, the torque capacity is greater than that of a stage 1 kit, and the drivability is better to that of a stage 3 kit. The stage 2 package includes a high torque capacity cover assembly as well as a Spheroidal Graphite (SG Iron) casting with ER2. Maximum strength and torque capabilities are provided by this technology. Organic friction material is used on the ER2 pressure plate side of the clutch disc, whereas cerametallic friction material is used on the flywheel side.
  • Stage 3 – Performance Clutch Systems for street use require increased torque capacity while retaining good pedal feel with fine modulation control. These characteristics inevitably increase heat which reduces service life. So the ideal performance clutch system for the street must also have improved heat dissipation. Mantic Stage 3 clutch kits feature a 20% increase (over original equipment) in clamp load for increased torque capacity. Approximately 300% stronger than a standard casting this material (sometimes referred to as an Anti Burst casting) not only increases strength by up to 3 times, it also improves heat dispersion. To ensure that the clutch system performs at maximum efficiency and that no unwanted vibration is generated as the cover spins, all Mantic Stage cover assemblies undergo a 2 stage balancing process. The Torque Capacity of a Clutch Plate can be increased by using exotic cerametallic friction material featuring a higher coefficient of friction. However, cerametallic material reduces pedal feel and results in more sudden clutch engagement, reducing street driveability. Mantic Stage 3 Clutch Kits feature cerametallic friction material on both sides of the clutch plate. This results in a strong torque capacity increase compared with Stage 2 – but reduced street driveability. Stage 3 kits include cushioned segments and a sprung hub to maintain a reasonable level of street drivability.
  • Stage 4 – Capable of handling a lot of torque, this system isn’t intended for street use. The cover assembly has a high torque capacity, an SG Iron pressure plate, and a sprung center cerametallic disc.
  • Stage 5 – Our most aggressive single disc application, is intended specifically for track and motorsport applications. The stage 5 kit includes a high torque capacity cover assembly with an SG iron burst-proof pressure plate, as well as a rigid hub and undamaged Cerametallic Clutch Disc.
Mantic Stage Series Mantic Stage 1 and Stage 2 clutch kit cover assemblies feature the patented ER² Groove Design, which is a unique pattern CNC machined on the friction face of the pressure plate. This groove has been specifically designed to increase the Mean Effective Radius of the pressure place and assist in heat dissipation. The increase in the Mean Effective Radius of the cover assembly gives a significant increase in the torque capacity.
Performance Clutch Kit

This Kit Includes:

   Clutch Disc

   High Torque Capacity Cover

   Release Bearing

   Spigot Bearing 

   Aligning Tool










Mantic Stage 1

ER2 Pressure Plate with Organic Disc




Mantic Stage 2

Stage 2 ER2 Pressure Plate with Organic Disc




Mantic Stage 3

Cushioned Sprung Cerametallic Disc




Mantic Stage 4

Sprung Centre Cerametallic Disc




Mantic Stage 5

Cerametallic Disc





CI Standard Replacement Flywheel


Meets or Exceeds OE Specs


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