What are the components that make up a clutch system?

Components of a clutch

1. Flywheel

The flywheel is one side of the vice. It is a big metal disc that bolts directly to the crankshaft. Its role is to:

  • Provide a flat clamping surface for the clutch plate to match up to.
  • Keep momentum, it’s a heavy mass that keeps turning the crank.
  • Take heat away from the clutch plate.

Because the flywheel is bolted directly to the crank, the flywheel will always spin at the same rate as the crank shaft of the engine. (Around the outside of the flywheel you will find a ring gear. Although it is part of the flywheel, ring gears have nothing to do with the clutch itself. They work with the starter motor).

2. Gearbox Input Shaft

A small but very strong shaft. At one end is a locating pin that sits in the centre of the flywheel/crank. A spigot bearing sits in the centre of the flywheel, on the locating pin of the shaft. Because the input shaft is not bolted to the crank, it does not turn with the crank, it just uses it as a locating point.

The opposite end of the shaft is connected to the gearbox. Along the shaft you’ll find gear teeth, called the spline, these match the centre hole of the clutch plate. The gearbox input shaft’s purpose is to:

  • Line up the gearbox with the centre of the crank shaft, keeping the rest of the drive train straight and true to the crank.
  • Give the clutch plate something to locate onto and position itself.

3. Clutch plate

The clutch plate is a disc that slides over the gearbox input shaft. The spline or teeth at the centre of the clutch plate match the teeth of the gearbox input shaft. When the clutch plate slides over the shaft, the matching spline teeth mean the clutch plate is keyed or locked into the gearbox input shaft, and is positioned flat to the flywheel.

Around the outside of the clutch plate, on both sides, there is a hoop of friction material. The friction material riveted to the disc is designed to grip the flywheel. Because of the interlocking spline, the clutch plate and gearbox input shaft will then turn together.

‘When things rub together friction comes into play. In some cases you don’t want friction, so a lubricant is used. In other cases you want the friction and use materials to maximise it to achieve grip. Examples of friction material include brake pads, tyres and the material on clutch plates.’

4. Cover assembly

The cover assembly bolts to the flywheel and OVER the clutch plate. The purpose of the cover assembly is to carry the matching surface (a heavy metal casting) for the flywheel, and a spring loaded system that pushes the casting towards the flywheel. Together the cover assembly and flywheel work just like a vice and work together to clamp down onto the friction material of the clutch plate. When the cover is bolted to the flywheel, its default position is clamped. The vice is tightly clamped onto the clutch plate.

5. Actuation System

To disconnect the clutch, or let go of the torque, you have an actuation system which starts at the pedal and ends at the clutch cover assembly. The Thrust Bearing in a 3 piece clutch kit is one component of the actuation system.

Putting your foot on to the clutch pedal is the same as winding back one side of the vice. When you push onto the pedal, it works a series of connected parts which end with a push onto the spring loaded part of the cover assembly. The spring load is taken off and because the clutch plate is no longer clamped to the flywheel, it stops spinning at the same rate as the crank. It means you have disconnected drive.

Remember the locating pin of the gearbox input shaft is just a locating pin. It will sit in the flywheel, but is not bolted to it so it won’t spin at the same rate.

The Idea in practise

The simplest way is to think of two sides.

One side is the vice that is the flywheel and cover assembly. They are both connected to the crank shaft. They turn together, carrying the engine torque, and work together to clamp onto the clutch plate.

The other side is the assembly that is the clutch plate and gearbox input shaft. Being keyed together, the clutch plate and gearbox input shaft will always turn together.

When the flywheel and cover assembly clamp onto the clutch plate:

  • The friction material grabs.
  • The clutch plate and gearbox input shaft start spinning at the same speed as the flywheel.
  • The torque (turning motion of the engine crank) is now being delivered to the gearbox via the clutch plate and input shaft, therefore the wheels are turning.

What's the difference between a standard and an upgraded clutch?


An OE vehicle comes fitted with a standard clutch. The largest category of clutch sold is standard replacement kits but we’re not all standard drivers. If an engine is modified from standard to improve performance or if the vehicle is under a higher strain than normal (carrying or towing heavy weight) an upgraded clutch might be needed.

Clamp Load

Increasing the clamp load on the cover assembly is a common way to get more torque capacity from your clutch system. It involves increasing the load exerted by the diaphragm to clamp the clutch disc between the pressure plate and the flywheel. The amount of clamp increase is limited as this can make the clutch pedal feel heavy and put strain on the clutch actuation system (hydraulics or cable ect.).

Friction Material

Changing the friction material on a clutch disc can increase the torque capacity and can improve the heat properties. Common clutch disc materials are; Organic – Most commonly used on OE applications this material is great for drivability but is not suited for high performance applications due to poor torque capacity when hot.

Aramid – Generally a mixture of organic and aramid this compound has the drivability of standard organic material with much higher torque capacity and better heat resistance. Found in 4Terrain Ultimate this material is perfectly suited to 4WD applications where higher performance is needed without any compromise to drivability.

Cerametallic/Ceramic - Suited to high performance or race applications this material can handle a high level of heat while also giving a massive increase in torque capacity. Unfortunately, the drivability is significantly decreased as the material gives a more aggressive engagement than organic material. This material can be found in the Mantic performance range.

Increasing surface area

Increasing the size or the surface area of a clutch increases the torque capacity of the system, however unlike brakes you’re generally not able to simply install a larger clutch. There are two methods that are used by performance clutch manufactures to increase the surface area;

Multiple Plates

Installing twin or triple plates in most cases can be done without modifying the bellhousing and can double or triple the torque capacity without having a detriment to the drivability. The Mantic Track series has a range of twin and triple plate kits which feature several different plate options to suit various applications from street to track.

ER2 Groove

This groove is a patented system that has been specifically designed to increase the Mean Effective Radius of the pressure plate and assist in heat removal. The increase in the Mean Effective Radius of the cover assembly gives a significant increase in torque capacity.

By adding the groove to the pressure plate, the inside radius of the friction face has effectively been increased. The first 5/16 inches (7.9375mm) of the pressure plate has all but been removed and added to this, there is progressively less material removed as the radius increases. The net effect of this is to move the effective inside radius further out.

The Mean Effective Radius of the clutch is directly proportional to the torque capacity of the system. Therefore as the Mean Effective radius increases so does the Torque Capacity of the clutch. This system can be found in both the Mantic and 4Terrain performance clutch range.

ER2 Groove

Mantic Torque Capacity Graph

How do I diagnose a fault?

It is important to troubleshoot any faults before replacing the clutch system. Below is a troubleshooting guide for the common faults that occur with clutch systems.

Troubleshooting Guide

How do I install a multi plate clutch?

Every Mantic Track kit comes with a technical guide but if you’ve misplaced yours you can download a copy from this link.

Technical Guide

What sort of quality control does Mantic have?

Every Mantic Track kit is tested against specific specifications before it leaves our manufacturing plant in Melbourne Australia. Every Track kit is signed off by a technician and can be tracked back via a SFI number. This ensures the highest level of quality control. On top of this our manufacturing plant is ISO9001 certified.

What’s a Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) and Dual Mass flywheel Replacement (DMR)?

A Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) is comprised of two flywheels that work together with dampening springs to reduce vibrations.

  • - Isolates engine vibrations
  • - Reduces noise
  • - Helps to prevent transmission damage
  • - Improves shifting comfort

Dual Mass Flywheel Replacements (DMR) also known as a Solid Mass Flywheel (SMF) move the damping system from the flywheel to the clutch plate. This returns the flywheel back to a conventional solid mass flywheel.

Advantages (over DMF):
  • - Greater reliability
  • - Better thermal dynamics
  • - Cost efficient: Both on the initial purchase and ongoing with the ability to machine the flywheel.

Note: When a DMR system is fitted can have an increase in drive train noise.

What warranty comes with my Mantic Clutch?

Clutch Industries Pty Ltd (Mantic) warrants all its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship during the warranty period based upon the following terms and conditions;

1.Mantic Stage 1, 2 and 3 Clutch Kits are cover by a 1 year or 20,000 kilometres (whichever occurs first) from date of purchase. Mantic Stage 4, 5 and Track Series Kits (multi-plate) come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee from date of purchase. All Mantic Stage clutch kits also include a Lifetime Warranty on the cover assembly, more details can be found in section 2 “Limited Lifetime Warranty”.

2.Limited Lifetime Warranty; This guarantee applies to the cover assemblies on all 4Terrain and Mantic Stage branded clutch kits and is only warranted to the original purchaser. It covers defects in the material and workmanship but does not cover normal wear, misuse, alterations and abuse.

3.Clutch Industries Pty Ltd warranty does not cover:

a.Normal wear and tear, including wear and tear of any friction materials forming the surface between the clutch disk and pressure plate or used as a component of the product;

b.Any defect or damage caused by a collision or other accident; c. Any defect or damage caused by the failure to store, handle, install, assemble, maintain or use the product in accordance with Clutch Industries instructions or specifications, including but not limited to: (a) modification of the product by the customer in any way; or (b) installation of the product in a vehicle that is not in full compliance with the instructions and specifications of the manufacturer of that vehicle d. Any defect or damage arising directly or indirectly as a result of racing or competing in the vehicle in which the product is installed e. Any defect or damage arising directly or indirectly as a result of the failure to use and install an appropriate scatter shield

4.Mantic Engineering reserves the option to repair or replace products at no charge if found to be defective during the warranty period.

5.This warranty will be VOID automatically if in Clutch Industries reasonable opinion the product has been subject to any unreasonable use, misuse, negligence, fire, or accident; or the product has been modified, repaired or dismantled without Clutch Industries prior written authorization; or any Clutch Industries part has been replaced with a non- Clutch Industries part. Clutch Industries reserves the right in its sole discretion to inspect, evaluate and test the purportedly defective product in any way deemed







Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Consumer Law in your market. Nothing within this policy is intended to circumvent these rights and as such local consumer laws, which may apply to any given market, will be adhered to by CI. CI recognises that subject to local consumer laws, you may be entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You may also be entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure


What’s Mantic’s Privacy Policy?

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What is Mantic’s terms of sale?

Terms and Conditions of Sale

The following terms and conditions (the terms) shall be incorporated into every contract for sale and or delivery of product (the goods) by Mantic a division of Clutch Industries Pty. Ltd. to the buyer (the buyer). All quotations given, orders accepted and or credit extended by the seller are subject to these the terms and no agent or representative of the seller has any authority to vary or omit any of these terms unless expressly agreed in writing by a director of the seller.

Before purchasing any of the goods from the seller, the buyer.

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Each order for the goods (whether in writing or verbally) which sets out the quantity, price and a description of the goods required, including time, date and address for delivery, placed by the buyer amounts to an offer by it to acquire from the seller in the Order upon these the terms. The seller may, at its discretion, accept an order by doing one of the following within 15 days after the date that the seller receives the order:

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The seller may, at its absolute discretion, refuse to sell or supply the goods to the buyer. The seller is not required to give reasons for its refusal.

Any order that has been accepted by the seller may not be reduced or cancelled by the buyer after acceptance by the seller

These terms and conditions of sale (the terms) shall take precedence over any additional or inconsistent terms and conditions contained in the buyer’s order or in the buyer’s request for quotation.

Acceptance of Goods delivered to the buyer shall be deemed to have taken place at the expiration of 3 days from the date of delivery to the buyer. Failure to notify the seller within this period will be deemed to be an acknowledgment by the Buyer that the:

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The buyer may return the goods for credit, but the Seller is not obliged to accept the goods, provided the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The seller’s written approval has first been obtained and the original invoice number and date have been quoted for reference and verified by the seller.
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  • Goods may not be returned for credit more than 60 days after the date of delivery